Payments must be received on or before the event. Cash, check or PayPal only. There is no credit card payment at the event. You may be turned away for non-payment.

Houston Orienteering Schedule

Upcoming Events 2023-2024

      Tom Bass                Sep 23, 2023               Score O
      Challenger 7          Oct 14, 2023                Point to Point
      Jones Forest           Nov 18, 2023               Score O
      Stubblefield            Jan 27, 2024               Point to Point

Each event:  Entry Fees – Epunch Borrower $15 per day                                                   Epunch Owner $10 per day 

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Houston Orienteering Club (HOC) is dedicated to orienteering in the Houston Area. Orienteering is the sport of navigation using a map & compass. Join us and explore the woods or your local park. Use your map to navigate along your choice of route to specified locations.

Orienteering is great for improving your map reading or wilderness navigation skills. Adventure racers and trail runners may find the events useful for future races. Race for the quickest time or walk for enjoyment in the woods. Boy Scouts can complete requirements for their orienteering merit badge.

We are 501.c3 non-profit organization and a nationally chartered club with Orienteering USA.

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