Finish Line

If streamered from the last control to the finish line, do not tie the streamer to the last feature, because HOC's streamers with triangular red and white flags obscure the control.

For more than 300 competitors, set up a finish chute. Have a club member and at least 4 helpers at the finish.

Helper #1:
Punch the clock for each competitor. A finish time and a finish number are printed out each time the clock is punched.

Helper #2:
Hand out a numbered finish card to each competitor. The number on the finish card corresponds to the finish number and finish time recorded by the clock for that competitor. Frequently verify with Helper #1 that the finish number on the card matches the clock.

Helper #3:
Collect the finish card and punch card from each competitor. Collect the punch card from map hikers and have them sign in the map hiker book.

Helper #4:
Write the finish number on each competitor's punch card in the space provided.

Club member:
Verify each punch card has a finish number before releasing them to the computations area. Handle special problems. Write competitors' explanations of punching errors on the back of the punch cards. Radio for EMS as needed. Radio rumors of missing controls to the meet director or the course setter. If someone reports missing competitors or map hikers, direct that person to the meet director.

Sometimes a large group of 10-20 competitors finishes over a period of just a few seconds. Rather than punching the clock for each competitor in the group, it might be easier to punch the clock once for each bunch of 2-6 finishers. Identify the first competitor in each bunch to the person handing out the finish cards. Only the first competitor of each bunch receives a finish card. Everyone in the bunch will have the same finish number and the same finish time. The objective is to record each competitor's time accurate to plus or minus one second. Forewarn others at the finish, if this procedure is to be used.

For map hikers who can be identified by their purple punch cards, do not punch the clock and do not give them a finish card. Send them through the finish chute. Sometimes map hikers, especially children, run to the finish line like competitors, and their purple punch card is not visible. When in doubt, punch the clock and hand out a finish card.

Since the finish times usually are not written on the punch cards at the finish area, the printout of finish times and finish numbers from the clock is sent with the punch cards to the computations area. If the finish times are written on the punch cards, they should be written as hours:minutes:seconds in the space provided, then write the finish time converted to minutes:seconds.

At small meets of less than 300 competitors, only 2 or 3 people are needed at the finish. During a rush of finishers, one person punches the clock, one person hands out finish cards, and a third person collects the finish cards and punch cards. During slack periods, the finish numbers are written on the punch cards. A finish chute is optional. Special problems are handled during slack periods. Someone should verify that all punch cards have a finish number before they are released to the computations area.

We have done small meets without using the finish cards. During a rush, one person punches the clock and another person collects the punch cards in order of finish. The person punching the clock or a third person writes the finish number on the last card collected, then numbers all the preceding punch cards. Occasionally a group of map hikers finishes in the middle of a large group of competitors and the finish personnel must do the best they can to determine the proper finish number for each punch card.

Last updated 2/2/00
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