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Overview of Computations

1)     SAFETY: Get the waivers from the registrar.

2)     Get the computer(s) form the registrar.

3)     If the registrar has not already created new OEvent files to balance the computer work, then the Head of Computation will have to do that. Example, Challenger2015.oev becomes Challenger2015BxBy.oev, Challenger2015BzIS.oev and ChallengerItA.oev, if you have 3 computers.

4)     Create a sign to go in front of each computer, so you'll know what computer is working which courses.

5)     Check that the printer is working for all computers you are using. Experience lesson: we plugged the cable into the wrong outlet on the printer and of course, it would not work!

6)     Check to see if the Finish Number is on the cards you get from Finish. If not, they are in order when you get them, and you will have to add the Finish Number. Tell Finish to start doing their job!

7)     Tap the Clock Time list to the table.

8)     Check a group of cards for a given course and decide on which card to use as a master.

a.       Write master, the course name and person's name on the back of the card.

b.      Get the time for that runner and enter it in the computer.

c.       Tap the card, face down, to the table.

9)     After checking the card, circle any error and write DQ or OK on the back and the FRONT of the card.

10)If you are sure you have Finish Numbers on the cards, you can pass them right away to checking for DQ's. The DQ's can then be past to the computers. This eases the work of putting Finish Times on the Punch Cards, and makes it less confusing to the people working the computers; they'll see no time and look for DQ's. If there is as Finish Time on the card and a DQ, the people working the computer often miss the DQ.

11)The person (best if two work together on this) putting Finish Times on the card needs to convert hours-minutes-seconds to minutes-seconds for entry into the computer.

12)The person at the keyboard enters the Start Number, the competitor comes up, verify the name and enter either DQ or Finish Time (not both). This is done under Edit>Finish Times.

13)Put two people (if available) working each computer.

14)After entering the Finish Time in the computer, read the Competition Time and write it on the card.

15)To get results, click on the List icon and then Results of one stage Icon or Results after N. stage Icon (a Cup).

a.       You will want to verify that you don't have results for courses that don't belong to your computer.

b.      To print, first go to File>Printer Setup and select the printer. You can then print with the print Icon.

16)After entry in the computer, sort the punch cards by Course and Start Times.

17)Check off the runners on the Start List.

18)Check off the Map Hikers on the Map Hiker Start List.

19)SAFETY: If you have a missing runner, check with the Club or call the person using the information from the waivers.

20)Pass on the results to the person doing the awards ceremony.

21)Post results on HOC's webpage.


Race Day Job Descriptions at Computations

1)    RUNNER

a.        Pick up punch cards/tape from finish bring to computations

b.       Put new cards in bottom of "in-box"

2)     Receive Cards from in-box and ensure that Finish Number is on card

a.       If no Finish Number, use the order they came in to put Finish Number on card

b.      If no Finish Number, inform Finish people loudly?

3)     Check punch (many people) card against master

a.       Check from back of card, circle error

b.       Mark OK or DQ or OV (overtime),  WC # (wrong control) on front of card main body and tab

c.       Put card in "checked box"

d.      If help available, pass checked cards to computer

4)     Record time (2 person job)

a.       Using paper tape on punch card if NOT DQ'd

b.      Convert to min:sec and write on card (main body only)

c.        Puts card in the "to computer box"  

d.      When/if extra help available

                                                   i.       Mark OV (overtime) on front of card main body 

5)     Input times/results into computer - 2 people for each computerone to check and handle cards

a.        Mark OV (overtime) on card - 2 places

b.      Puts cards in the "too be sorted box"

c.       Run OEvent error check before starting

d.      Puts DNS in computer from registration returns/start list

e.       Checks on who's in/out for problem solver

f.         Run OEvent error check before supplying awards list

g.        Supplies awards list

6)     Cut tags off card if computer failure

a.       Sorts punch cards in course/start time order

b.      Checks off "who's in" on start list

c.       Puts main body card in "sorted box"

7)     Post end tab on string line  if computer failure

8)     Staples results in order to string either computer output or end tags of cards

9)     Problem solver (club member)

a.       Sets up string line

b.      Puts together several sets of masters

c.       Get their times and enter them in the computer

d.      Tape them face down on table

e.       Put out and mark "shoe boxes" for punch cards

f.        Explain jobs to helpers

g.       Deal with problems/people that come up

h.      Determines if problem is pre/post-award problem

i.         Pre-award problems get solved first

j.         Sorts punch cards in course/start time order

k.       Checks off "who's in" on start list

l.         Check sorted cards/start list and computer to find who's out

10)           Head of computations

a.       Gets result to meet director for awards

b.      After Meet

                                                   i.      Prepare results for newsletter and web

                                                 ii.      Update this list

                                               iii.      Post update on web


Lasted updated 9/15/2015

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