The HOC has a pretty colorful mix of people on board from 5 different countries.
We have a wide range of experience levels in our club which range from runners with
nearly 25 years of experiences to novice runners.
Some of our club members were caught in action on celluloid at the Tyler State Park
B-Meet organized by the NTOA in February this year.


James is taking of in a big hurry to run the green course.
He has been orienteering since 1996.


James, Nancy and David at the start on day 2
at the Tyler O-Meet in February 1999.

Nancy is the  soul for a lot of the kids at the
Junior ROTC's in our area and has been
orienteering for 7 years.

David has been orienteering
since 1996.


Carolyn on the start at Tyler.  She is with the club a long time
and has orienteered for 17 years.


To the left, Carolyn and to the right, Anett who has
been orienteering for about 8 years in Germany and
picked up the maps again one year ago.

Nancy helping out at the start at the Tylor State Park Meet 1999.

Joe looking forward to a nice run with 
perfect weather (day 2)  at the Tyler O-Meet.
He started orienteering an eternity ago 
in 1974.




Houston Orienteering Club.

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Last Update: 12/17/2004

Joe Woodward