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"Early Emailed Discount"


To receive a discount, Groups/School/Clubs must email an Excel sheet with a list of names, courses, sex and year-of-birth by the given due date specified on the entry form. Also, everyone (not just Groups) must email scan waivers by the due date. In addition, the check must be mailed and post marked by the due date. Individuals (1 or 2 people) do not need to include an Excel sheet.

To avoid confusion, we only add runners to the event, whether late or early,  when we have their waivers. In that way, when a runner appears on the preregistered list, they know that they will be able to go out. It also avoids keeping separate lists: schools with waivers, schools with some waivers and schools with no waivers. The events have grown too large to permit special handling.

Note: Discounts will not be given if a scanned image of the signed entry forms and a list of entries is not received by email (by the registrar) and the check is not snail mailed by the deadline
Your name should appear on HOC's webpage 72 hours after you email your entry. If your name is not listed, you are not preregistered, and you do not get a discount. There is no way for the registrar to know that they have not received your entry, but you can verify that they have it by checking HOC's webpage, on the homepage just below the entry form.

The reason for the discount is to make the registrar's job easier, avoid errors, save the registrar a lot of typing and the club a lot of money. The program used for entries/computations can import text files, but not PDF or scanned images, and it definitely can not import the entry forms. Excel can import (and export) text files easily, so text files are an alternative form to give your list of entries if you prefer. The club's biggest meet expense is the printing of maps. We start printing maps the Wednesday before the meet. We also print the labels then. The labels are put on the punch cards Thursday. The last few days before the meet, time and tempers are short.


The required information is Name (last name first), Course, Sex and Year-of-birth (not age) - one person per line. (Right now the oldest age group is 35+, so if you are older than 35, you can put down "Current Year" - 35 for your year-of-birth and that will not effect scoring, example 2016 - 35 = 1981. If you were born before 1981 and do not what us to know your age, enter 1981 for your year-of-birth.)

You can either put the information as part of the email or attach it as a text file or an Excel spreadsheet. Excel is preferred.

Click here for an example of an Excel spreadsheet.

Common errors are: putting a comma between names, spelling out the Course or Sex, not using a capital for Sex or Course and putting months or days instead of just the four digit year for the year-of-birth.

Don't have Excel and you are a group? 

If you don't have Excel and you know what a tab delimited file is, you are good to go (name is one field). Otherwise, keep reading.

For the course, list only the first letter of the course. Courses for Stubblefield are from easiest to hardest: W=white, Y=yellow, O=orange, B=brown, G=green or R=red. For map hikers WM, YM, OM, BM, RM. Challenger 7 does not have a brown or red course. The program can only handle two names, so Mary Jo von Storch, becomes vonStorch MaryJo. If you prefer, you can put the first name before the last name, i.e. MaryJo vonStorch. Separate each field with a tab or a comma. The last and first names are one field (no tab or comma between them).


Example of names separated with a tab:

Country     CtShort    Club    CbShort    Last+FirstName                Course  Sex         YearOfBirth

United States    USA    Central ROTC    Central    Smith Jane          Y              F              1998

United States    USA    Central ROTC    Central    Doe John             O             M            1996

United States    USA    Central ROTC    Central    vonStrouch MaryJo         W            F              1999

United States    USA    Central ROTC    Central    Walker David    GM    M    1950


If you find these instructions are very difficult, just try your best. The registrar will work with you, especial if you get your email in early. 

Why Year of Birth and not Birthday for assigning Classes?

It is just as fair as using the birthday as than too there can be 12 months of difference.  It is done that way traditionally (before computers) in orienteering as it makes the math easier for the organizers, and there was only one number to store in the database. Traditionally competitors would return year after year to compete.

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